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Raspberry Island (Fruited Sour) Bicycle Brewing Collab

DKK 55.00

Raspberry Island
Fruited Sour - 5.2%
Raspberry & Hibiscus
Collab with Bicycle Brewing

A super fruity sour made with a big dose of raspberry and hibiscus for a beautiful deep red color and bright red berry flavors.

Brewer's Notes: a fun collab with our friend Sharktor, the local master of the smoothie sour. We blended over 10 percent raspberry with 10g per liter of hibiscus to give a layered red berry flavor to this beer - mostly raspberry but some cranberry and floral flavors added by the hibiscus. Nicely balanced acidity with just a bit of lactose for additional body and a little sweetness.

Ingredients: malted barley, wheat, oats, raspberry, hibiscus, lactose, hops and yeast

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