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FaQ for Shopping with SharktorBrewing.DK through SumUP

Q: What price is this shop in?

A: Danish Krones / DKK, 1 Euro is roughly 7.5DKK and will be converted by your card issuer, you will not pay conversions fees.

Q: Where is the items shipped from and with what company?

A: We are shipping items from Copenhagen, Denmark. For DK orders we are using InstaBox, DAO or GLS depending on the size and rate. For EU we are using GLS and CoolRunner.

Q: How does Pick-Up work?

A: Make an order and just write to when you'll like to do the pickup, I'll try and make it work for your schedule! On a big local order I can do delivery.

Q: How long does it take to ship items?

A: Generally I will ship the items within 1 to 3 days, if there are any longer delays we will let you know before hand!

Q: What is the Expatriation date for the drinks?

A: Generally it is written on the label but in cases where no, expect the item to be in it's peak drinking prime within 3 months of ordering, but they easily last up to a year, sour in general can last two years if stored dark and cold.

Q: How should i store the drinks?

A: Cold and Dark, a fridge is the perfect place but a cupboard is the next best place.

Q: A can or multiple cans got damaged through shipment!

A: Please take pictures for me to use against shipping company, and I'll ship new ones to replace if possible, otherwise you will receive a refund.

Q: Do I get a warranty on Merch products?

A: Yes in general you have two weeks full return policy, and for damaged items due to production error, I'll refund or replace if possible.

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